Artifacts > 2011-2013

Till death do us part
Red Earthenware

This platter is drawn in a sgraffito technique, that is the base clay is dark red and the white that is seen is a thin veneer. The deep etched nature of this process is very permanent and relevant to my incorporation into history. The subject matter relates what I know and what I see to be invariable low taste, common, and impermanent. Each time I draw or explore an idea it is as though I am developing a character. With the repetition found in these small items I find that I am able to better define my characters in more concise ways.
I found these two chairs so pleasantly breaking down together side by side and the gesture seemed to be so human and alive. I felt a sense of peaceful resignation as I looked at this coincidental still life, so I commemorated this nuptial pair of chairs in their beautiful decrepitude.