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Understanding and defining nature amidst the inherent strains we place upon it is not a new observation. Arguably instigated by the “discovery” of the new world (the Americas) the ensuing mania over took Europe for the next 400 years. In conquest the limits of the known world rapidly expanded as exploration, exploitation, and colonialism became the norm. Amidst this excitement true discovery was abound; new language and systems to define all of this richness were necessary. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a 19th century British romantic poet colored this sense of discovery through his poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. In the poem growing tension observable through mans conquest is made manifest. In a very modern sense Coleridge defined the human ability to love or annihilate his environment. This narrative is current and requires telling still.

Rime of the ancient mariner, Plight of Albatross
Terracotta / Sgraffito / Sea Plastic
28L" x 28w"x 4h"
Albatross Sea Trash Inventory
Pacific ocean garbage
The Gift
Laysan Albartoss, terracotta, glaze